AVA Marine provides complete engineering services and product development for our customers.  With over 50 years of combined experience in the electronic, marine and mechanical fields we provide fast solutions to unusual problems. Our in house CAD program allows fast design of printed circuit boards for your special applications.  Our ability to fabricate prototype printed circuit boards in house coupled with a large inventory of integrated circuits provides our customers with a  powerful solutions tool. These solutions have proven useful to measure machinery positions (trim tabs, & drive angles), temperature, pressure, and liquid levels.  Crucial to making these measurements is our ability to fabricate highly stable analog signal conditioning circuits.  These circuits can be used to drive displays or generate level shifts for alarms.  Case in point:

156' Feadship "Charisma"


Fire alarm system not operational.  Three local companies were unable to repair the original Feadship system and suggested the purchase of a new $30,000 fire alarm system as a solution to the problem.


Testing on the vessel revealed that the 24 channel Feadship controller was getting the  correct  input  from the fire/smoke  sensors  but  was  not processing  the  data.  As  no schematics were available on the original fire system,  it was necessary to design and fabricate a 24 channel precision comparator matrix to monitor the inputs.

Utilizing our powerful CAD system, the electrical design and printed circuit board design were completed in a timely fashion.  Fabrication and testing in the lab were completed and the hardware installed and tested on the vessel.  This fast solution to a difficult problem allowed the vessel to maintain her scheduled deployment and saved the owner a large repair bill.  Operation of the vessel without a fire alarm system would have jeopardized the lives of the crew and charter guests.